Our Donors

On this page we will showcase just one of the many donors that support the University of Hertfordshire, refreshing regularly to illustrate the range of supporters the University has. Our current donor profile is of Gary Nemorin.

Gary Nemorin

Gary nemorinBackground

Gary graduated with a BSc in Mathematics in 1990. He is a freelance software developer within the banking and insurance industries and is a specialist in the design and implementation of credit risk and underwriting information systems.

Why the University of Hertfordshire?

'The University has had a direct impact on my career as I still implement software that I first utilised when studying statistics!'

Gary first had the opportunity to play double bass in an orchestra whilst at the University of Hertfordshire (or Hatfield Polytechnic as it was then) and it is a passion that he continues with to this day, having managed to play with some brilliant musicians in some of the most beautiful and prestigious venues across London.

He has many happy memories of playing at concerts and parties with Howard Burrell’s Tuesday Night Big Band, including a very enjoyable tour to Hamburg. He started to hit a tennis ball properly with the Tennis Society and had too much fun at the many discos and parties, and in the old Font bar.

Supporting the University

A friendly and persuasive call to Gary one day from a very polite University fundraiser made a compelling case to him and managed to make it a more personal cause well worth his support.

As a result of this call, Gary has supported the University Student Trust Fund for over ten years with a monthly direct debit payment.

He is pleased he made this decision, saying that it still feels good to maintain some sort of connection with the University.

Words of advice

Those who were fortunate enough to study in higher education without the spectre of student load debt owe it to those who now have to bear this burden.

'Why not support such an important organisation on so many levels to which one which one already has a nostalgic affinity? Just do it!'


If Gary's story has inspired you to support the University, please contact Harriet Bayliss, Head of Development and Alumni Relations on +44(0)1707 281273 for more information about any of the University’s fundraising activities.