WASS Schools activities

Please see below show an overview of the standard activities on offer. We are also able to deliver bespoke talks and workshops if you have a particular requirement.


TitleFormatDurationTarget audience
Parents' talksThese talks can be tailored to meet the needs of the group. Topics that can be covered include: student finance, course choice and admissions.60 minutesparents and guardians

Year 11 - Year 13

TitleFormatDurationTarget audience
Study skillsThis session can be adapted for a variety of year groups and offers hints and tips to help develop revision and essay writing skills. Topics covered include: time management, tips for effective learning and structuring study and will encourage students to make their independent learning more varied and enjoyable.60 minutesAdapted for year groups 9 - 13 shortly before exams
Goal settingMotivational workshop which encourages students to make realistic plans for achieving their goals and to develop strategies for overcoming barriers. This session also highlights the skills necessary for particular roles and careers. 60 minutesYears 9 -11
Why go to university?This talk covers the benefits of university including the positive impact that having a degree can have on job prospects an earnings over a lifetime. It also highlights opportunities such as work placements and study abroad programmes.40 minutesYear 9 - all year or Year 12 - Spring term (talk is adapted to meet the needs of each year group)

Year 12 only

TitleFormatDurationTarget audience
Choosing your university or courseThis talk supports students to make informed decision when choosing their course from the 43,000 available at UK universities. It encourages them to consider career prospects, course content and fee levels.60 minutesYear 12 - Spring/Summer term
Student shadowingOpportunity to shadow a university student on campus and gain an insight into university life and their chosen subject. School students are matched with University of Hertfordshire students studying a relevant coursefull dayYear 12 - Spring term
UCAS applications and personal statementsThis presentation introduces students to the UCAS system and advises on strategies for writing an effective personal statement60 minutesYear 12 - Summer term

Year 13 only

TitleFormatDurationTarget audience

Student Finance

Presentation to dispel myths and provide information about the student finance system. Provides information on loans, bursaries and the repayment system.40 minutesYear 13 (and their parents) - Spring term

Interview skills

Interactive workshop which gives students and overview of what to expect in university interviews and offers strategies and tips for successful interviews.60 minutesYear 13 - Spring term

Learning skills for university

Talk  which covers general study skills and outlines some of the ways which  learning changes in higher education. Research techniques and journal  searches are covered.

60 minutes

Year 13 - Spring/Summer term

Student life

Talk  from student ambassadors, who are current University of Hertfordshire  students, covering living independently, dealing with the transition to  university and the social aspects of student living.

30 minutes

Year 13 - Summer term

Independent living

Interactive  workshop to raise awareness of the skills students need when living  independently. Covers practical skills such as budgeting and cooking as  well as dealing with common fears and misconceptions that students have  before the transition to university

60 minutes

Year 13 -Summer term

School and College Liaison

We offer advice and support to schools and colleges on higher education and access to the University of Hertfordshire.

Contact the Education Liaison team to find out more.