Mentoring schemes for Hertfordshire schools

Schools across Hertfordshire can benefit from a mentoring programme for their pupils thanks to the range of mentoring schemes and staff mentor training courses on offer at the University of Hertfordshire.

Our schemes

Raising Motivation - Most suitable for Year 7/8/9​

One-to-one mentoring for pupils who have the ability to succeed but have not settled well into secondary school education. The mentoring can help pupils with behaviour, focus, completion of work or attendance issues and enable them to adopt a more helpful attitude towards school. It will help them to set goals for themselves and identify their barriers to success and overcome them. 'Improved confidence, more belief in their ability to do well, more organised, more focused' - school feedback on benefits to pupils 2013

Raising Attainment - Most suitable for Year 9/10/11

One to one mentoring for pupils who have the ability to succeed but are not achieving their full potential. Mentors will work with pupils to help them to understand why they are not achieving as well as they should be and help them to explore how they can work more effectively. The mentoring can help to raise confidence and self-esteem, set goals and establish effective study habits. 76% of pupils were motivated to work harder and 80% felt they had improved their study skills (2013).

Raising Aspirations - Most suitable for Year 9/10/11

Working with small groups of pupils who have the ability to progress in education post 16 but are in danger of not aiming high enough. Mentors will work with groups of 5 or 6 pupils on activities which raise their awareness of further and higher education opportunities, help them to make course choices and plot career paths and help them to establish effective study habits. 92% of the pupils were encouraged to continue their education to 6th form/college/university and 87% felt more confident about succeeding with their studies (2013).

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