The Technician Commitment

Quintin McKellarThe University of Hertfordshire is proud to be a founding signatory of the Technician Commitment.

As a founding signatory of the Gatsby Technician Commitment in June 2017, the University is proud to continue its commitment to the ongoing support of our technical staff.

Through a range of activities this year we have improved Technical Staff visibility and recognition, and encouraged their career development and the sustainability of their roles.

Our Technical Staff are important to the university and they have increasing impact on learning and teaching, research and student support. Our commitment to them is evidenced in the allocation of 10 professional development days and the identification of a dedicated project team working to support action on all criteria of the Commitment.

With the support of our action plan, we will continue to develop our Technical Staff in the coming years. We aim to achieve Employer Champion status with the Science Council and are providing support for professional registration. By working collectively, we will ensure the future development of technical skills across the University and their use in support of students and staff in all aspects of learning, teaching and research.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Quintin McKellar CBE

Introduction to the Technician Commitment

The Technician Commitment is a Higher Education sector collaborative initiative, supported by the Science Council and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Technicians ‘Make It Happen’ campaign. The Commitment aims to ensure that Technicians receive support in each of the following key areas:

  • Visibility
  • Recognition
  • Career development
  • Sustainability

The University of Hertfordshire has created a three-year action plan (PDF - 0.1 Mb). This plan outlines the key actions/timescales identified to demonstrate our commitment to the four key areas of the Technician Commitment.

Technician Commitment – Self-Assessment and Action Plan (PDF - 0.37 Mb)

If you have any questions about the Technician Commitment, our action plan or wish to get involved, please email


The University is committed to supporting technicians gain recognition through professional registration. As a result, our Students will be supported by a body of technical staff independently recognised for their technical expertise, experience and professionalism. Technical staff are encouraged to pursue personal and professional development and are recognised both within the University and across the HE sector.

If you wish to find out more about professional registration then please contact: at any time.

Career development

The University of Hertfordshire supports and encourages staff to undertake on average around 10 Continued Professional Development (CPD) days each year.

Appraisals and 1 - 1 meetings are ideal opportunities to discuss a variety of CPD opportunities that may include but not limited to shadowing, coaching, E-learning, conferences, professional networks or volunteering for student events (such as clearing or graduation ceremonies).

Continuous Professional Development is important for Technical Staff, whether it be in digital skills, mandatory legislation (such as GDPR), or knowledge and skills for specific roles.

Our technical staff network

The University of Hertfordshire has a number of networks supporting technical staff. Networking enables sharing of best practice and opportunities to build collaborative partnerships.  Below are a few examples:

HertsTech offers a quarterly get-together for technical staff to discuss current projects, events, or simply have a chat with technical staff who they wouldn’t normally be given the chance to speak with. For further information email:

Hatfield Cafe Scientifique is research based running sessions regarding public engagement.  If you are interested in attending or contributing to a future session please contact:

HEaTED – The University is a registered member of HEaTED who offer a Learning and Teaching Workshop designed specifically for Technical Staff.


As part of the University’s commitment to technical staff, the University is working towards Employer Champion Status with the Science Council. This will be achieved through the provision of support and opportunities for technicians across all disciplines. To increase visibility, the University has committed to raising the profile of technicians with regular articles within our FACES magazine, termly newsletter and Technician Award submissions. Employer Champion status is for organisation who are doing all they can to deliver on all four key areas of the Technician Commitment (visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability).


Introducing the new termly Newsletter featuring but not limited to:

  • Updates on the Technical Staff Project
  • Dates of upcoming HertsTech / CaféTech meetings/events
  • Details of Development Opportunities
  • Forum to share ideas/showcase work within the ‘technical staff community’
  • A Technician profile: something like ‘A Day in the life of a CA technician’ or ‘My Career Path….’
  • Success stories
  • Open forum – wish lists, support needed etc


Our Technician Commitment action plan includes activities designed to embed the visibility, recognition and career development for Technical Staff.  Examples of these activities include:

  • Developing workshops, drop-in sessions that support and encourage Technical Staff to obtain accreditation through professional bodies
  • Complete an annual self-assessment
  • Meet criteria to achieve Employer Champion Status

Have your say! If you have any view or suggestions relating to the activities supporting the Technician Commitment please email them to:

Vacancy Information

Interested in working for the University? Check out our Job pages and vacancies. (N.B. Technician roles are currently listed within the Professional staff section).