University awarded a grant from DCMS and IUK

11 September 2018

The University of Hertfordshire was awarded a grant from DCMS and IUK in order to commercialise an innovative cyber security solution that will allow businesses to better understand the critical threats against their information environments.

Cyber events are continuing to evade security measures at most organisations. There is a greater level of accountability that has resulted in Cyber being a regular topic at Board meetings, and 46% of all UK businesses identified at least one breach or attack last year.

We are developing a semi-automated web-based threat assessment platform that will offer companies a holistic approach in understanding cyber threats against their business. We are taking an innovative proactive approach in assessing threat that will remove complexity and allow for better communication of knowledge amongst stakeholders. Our focus is in identifying and understanding vulnerability interrelationships and qualifying which threat agents will have the capability, opportunity and motivation to exploit them.

Our prototype will be demonstrated on the 17 January 2019, and more information can be found online.


Stelios Vidalis 01707284763