University of Hertfordshire’s School of Computer Science wins award to continue ground-breaking ‘Human Brain Project’ research

8 May 2018

The University of Hertfordshire has secured a £168K grant to continue its contribution to the world-leading Human Brain Project, a ten-year, €1-billion European Commission research initiative.

The prestigious Human Brain Project, one of the two largest scientific projects ever funded by the European Union, aims to achieve breakthrough insights into how the human brain works, to help advance neuroscience, medicine and computing.

This substantial award will fund a team of researchers led by Dr Michael Schmuker in the School of Computer Science, to continue their research translating processes found in the brain into algorithms to help build faster, more efficient computers. To do this, Dr. Schmuker’s team makes use of so-called neuromorphic hardware that mimics parallel computing processes found in the human brain.

Leading research in neuromorphic computing

Dr Michael Schmuker, Reader in Data Science at the University of Hertfordshire said: ‘We are extremely proud to be part of this ground-breaking EU initiative, delivering leading research in the area of neuromorphic computing.

‘Neuromorphic computing is deemed as one of the technologies that promises to overcome the problems of current computer architectures and has recently caught the eye of big industrial players such as Intel and IBM, who see the potential of this technology for application in business.

‘We are committed to deliver first-class research-informed training for our students in these future technologies, preparing them for jobs at the forefront of modern technology.’

To find out more about the Human Brain Project please visit the link provided.


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