Hertfordshire Business School donates books to Mahama refugee camp

10 May 2018

Volunteers from Hertfordshire Business School have donated books to a Save the Children project in Rwanda, Africa after witnessing how books were desperately needed in the local library.

The initiative to donate books to the refugee camp was started by Jerry Forrester from Hertfordshire Business School, who joined a group of volunteers from the international charity Save the Children late last year to visit some of the charity’s projects in Rwanda, central Africa.

During the visit the volunteers had the opportunity to visit reading projects organised by the charity which had been set up in local schools. The trip also included a visit to the Mahama refugee camp, which was established in 2015 as a result of the Burundi civil war. Save the Children is responsible for half the camp and consequently the food, clothing, education, housing and health treatment of 25,000 refugees.

Developing the new library

During the visit Jerry was taken to the ‘library’ which included a handful of out of date business textbooks. In order to help with the development of the new library, which is currently being built, Jerry promised to send over some textbooks for the library’s business collection.

On returning to the UK, staff in the Business School donated lots of textbooks and a raffle was organised to raise money to send the donated books to the camp. The books have now arrived safely in Rwanda and are ready to be enjoyed by the people within the camp.

Jerry said: ‘I am very grateful to my Business School colleagues in providing resources for the new library at the Mahama Camp.

‘I have been involved with Save the Children for over 40 years and it was fantastic to see the charity really making a difference in a country which recovered from a genocide that took place only 24 years ago.’


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