Dragons' Apprentice Challenge Awards return to Hertfordshire Business School

12 February 2018

Hertfordshire Business School will once again host this annual awards evening for successful young entrepreneurs.

The Dragons Apprentice Awards Evening will take place at the University on 19 March 2018.  The Dragons' Apprentice Challenge programme is an annual award run by Community Central St Albans. The Challenge recruits teams of school students (the Apprentices), assigns them a business mentor (a Dragon) and then pairs them with a local charity. The teams are given £100 and challenged to come up with an idea to turn it into £1,000 or more. The Dragons provide advice and support to help their team achieve their business goal and funding target.

Past activities have included quizzes, dances, concerts, cake sales, market stalls, silent auctions, a casino, personal coaching and pop-up shops. All profits made by the teams go directly to their partner charity.

The Challenge is now into its ninth successful year, and has also been rolled out throughout Hertfordshire. Last year the Junior Dragons' Apprentice Challenge was run for the first time, enabling primary school Apprentices to accept their own special awards.

The Awards Evening will take place at the Weston Auditorium and is co-organised by the Hertfordshire Business School and Community Central St Albans. Attendees will include Apprentices and their families and teachers, as well as representatives from key businesses and charity organisations in the local area.

The special guest speaker will be Naomi Riches MBE, Paralympic rowing gold medallist.

The outstanding success of the Dragons’ Apprentice programme has meant that over 2,000 young people have participated, built skills for life and contributed to their local communities. To date, over £500,000 has been raised for local charities - an extremely impressive achievement.


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