Hertfordshire Business School to host Sustainability and Wealth-Building Summit

15 August 2018

Introducing: the Preston Model

Local wealth building is a powerful and innovative new approach to community development, employed by progressive councils and wider anchor institutions (ie organisations with an affinity to the locality due to their local relationship, history, mission or physical assets), in which wealth is recirculated to build an inclusive economy for the benefit of the people and the area. Recognising the stark economic challenges facing the UK and that the prevailing agenda was delivering poor outcomes, Preston Council elected to take a different approach. Their success has sparked great interest and much debate about how to respond to the national economic situation.

Hertfordshire Business School will be holding a special invitation-only summit on Wednesday 10 October 2018 which will offer a great opportunity to hear from the experts who spearheaded the initiative to realise greater social justice, improved local economies and more effective public services in Preston and Manchester. The School is delighted to be welcoming keynote speakers Matthew Brown, Leader of Preston Borough Council (pictured above), and Dr Julian Manley, Research Fellow in the School of Social Work, Care and Community at the University of Central Lancashire, who will offer insights into how, in just a few years, Preston was transformed from an area of great deprivation to featuring on the ‘best places to live list’ in 2016.

The event will be led by Hertfordshire Business School’s Michael Brookes, Professor of Work and Employment.

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