University of Hertfordshire and Murdoch University announce new international partnership

13 April 2018

From 2019 the University of Hertfordshire’s business students will have the opportunity to split their studies between the UK and Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.

The creation of a double degree undergraduate programme between the two institutions means that domestic and international students will be able to complete 18 months study in each location, and graduate with a degree from each University.

Julie Newlan, the University of Hertfordshire’s Pro-Vice Chancellor (Business and International Development) said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Murdoch University.  As a leading business-facing University we are particularly proud of our strong international partnerships and we look forward to giving students the opportunity to experience both business and education in the UK and in Australia.

“The launch of this new double degree programme allows students to access high quality teaching from two corners of the world, developing the knowledge, skills and attributes fundamental to succeeding in the global business environment today.”

An international experience for students

Murdoch University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor for International, Lyn Karstadt, said the partnership recognised the increasingly global focus of business for which international mobility and networks were important preparations: “This international experience will expose students to diverse economic, political and cultural perspectives and help develop the global mindset they will require to become successful future business leaders.”

The new programme will start in 2019 and double degree students will be able to study for a Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Hertfordshire and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Murdoch University.  The degrees will incorporate units such as international management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

'exciting opportunity for ambitious and international-focused students'

Michael Rosier, Associate Dean (International) for the Hertfordshire Business School said: “This programme represents an exciting opportunity for ambitious and internationally-focused students seeking a dynamic educational experience which prepares them for the global job market.​  Students will also have access to placement opportunities in both locations to help provide experience and contacts to further enhance their career prospects.”

New degree programmes in other disciplines are now also being considered as the University of Hertfordshire’s partnership with Murdoch University continues to develop.


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