School of Creative Arts to help lead international project informing ethical challenges facing the media industry

20 April 2018

University of Hertfordshire’s School of Creative Arts will be representing the European Division of The International Association of Film and Television Schools (CILECT) in the renowned Global Ethics Lab research project, which aims to create a global teaching resource for ethics.

The Global Ethics Lab project aims to establish an original database of first-hand ethical experience and knowledge, which will be used to inform those learning, working and teaching within the film and media industry of the ethical challenges facing the industry.

First hand testimony from students and teachers will be captured through the CILECT network. CILECT has membership from the world’s most prestigious national film and television schools, which totals to 180 schools from 60 countries on 6 continents.

A innovative project

Lyndsay Duthie, Programme Leader for Film and Television at the University of Hertfordshire said: “We are delighted to represent Europe for CILECT in this global research project. The Global Ethics Lab is an important project and will innovate the way ethics is taught in film education.”

The first workshop will take place from the 24-26 April and will involve 15 postgraduate students and five lecturers.

Main image: Lyndsay Duthie with Dr Dan Geva, from the Film department of the Faculty of Arts - Hamidrasha, Bei Berl College, Israel (also a CILECT member school) at the University of Hertfordshire. The Global Ethics Lab is led by Dr Dan Geva.


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