21 July 2017

Lecturer, Dr Felipe Romero-Moreno, has recently been acknowledged as one of the external reviewers of the Houses of Parliament research briefing entitled 'Online Information and Fake News'.

The research briefing looks at how social media platforms and Internet search engines have made it easier to produce, distribute and access information and opinions online. These technologies, combined with user behaviour, filter the content that users see. On the one hand, some studies suggest that this limits users’ exposure to attitude-challenging information and that echo-chambers or filter bubbles may form. On the other hand, other studies argue that users still see a wider range of information than offline.

Online fake news has the potential to confuse and deceive users, and is often financially or politically motivated. UK efforts to address these issues are largely led by industry and focus on fake news; they include better identification, fact-checking and user education.

The full Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology research briefing is available to read online.

If you would like to find out more please contact Dr Felipe Romero-Moreno