23 August 2017

High-achieving sixth-form students from Harpenden (AL5) and Luton (LU1 and LU2), thinking of applying to the University of Hertfordshire, have the fantastic opportunity to win a £2000 per year award, through a regional scholarship scheme set up by local company Jarvis Group Limited.

In 2005, the building, development and mechanical, & electrical services firm celebrated 100 years of trading and created the Jarvis Centenary Scholarship. Each year the organisation awards a £2,000 scholarship to the highest achieving student in the Harpenden area and this year it has been extended to Luton. This award is given for each year of study at the University of Hertfordshire, amounting to £6,000 in total.

There is no application process for the scholarship – students from the relevant postcodes need to simply apply to study at the University of Hertfordshire to automatically be eligible for the award.

Supporting Students

Nicola Benstead was one of the students to have benefited from the programme whilst studying Biomedical Science. She said: “I have no other source of funding, so really rely on my scholarship to keep me at University. It allows me to pay for travel and text books –without it I would have needed to get a full-time job alongside my studies which would have been a real struggle and I know my grades would have been affected.”

Jarvis decided to support the University of Hertfordshire because The Lady Parkinson, whose grandfather (Frank Herbert Jarvis) co-founded the Jarvis Company in 1905, was a governor of the University and an ex-chair of the University’s Development Committee. As a local firm, Jarvis has also worked at the University and is also engaged in building for the education sector within London and the northern Home Counties.

Harriet Bayliss, Head of Development and Alumni Relations at the University of Hertfordshire, said: “We are extremely grateful to Jarvis for providing this generous scholarship. It is a way of supporting local schools and the community, as well as helping students for whom further education is a financial struggle. We believe that it rewards academic achievement and encourages successful students to achieve their full potential.”

“We hope that the scholarship will provide an extra incentive for students hoping to apply to the University of Hertfordshire from these areas, and it is fantastic news that the award has been extended to students in Luton as well as Harpenden this year.”