28 April 2017

Students from the University of Hertfordshire have achieved second place at an IT project based competition.

FDM, one of the UK’s leading IT graduate employers, held an ‘Insight into IT’ competition aimed at first-year STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students considering a career in IT and Digital.

The competition consisted of student-led learning through a project based game providing an opportunity for students to develop their project management skills. Teams were tasked with delivering 18 mini projects to budget to gain value and those with the most value won.

A team of six first-year Computer Science students from the University of Hertfordshire, Normunds Rieksts, Anuhya Vuppala, Myfau Shakeeb, Ty Brooks, Dilek Selin Ucan and George Coleman, competed and came second, receiving an FDM IT award.

George Coleman, one of the students who participated, said: “We had a great day all in all. We came an excruciatingly close second place in the contest, but it was good fun in the end.”

Mariana Lilley, Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) of the School of Computer Science, said: “It was great to see our first year Computer Science students displaying technical team working skills at such a high level.”

Katherine Brewster, Regional University Relationship Manager, FDM Group added: “FDM has met many engaged first year students out on campus this year and this led to us arranging our very first FDM Insight Competition for first year STEM students. It was brilliant to have students from the University of Hertfordshire involved in the competition and they did a fantastic job only narrowly missing out on first place.

It is becoming increasingly important for both employers and students to recognise the value of starting to engage with one another from the very first year at university and with the competition for internship and placement opportunities increasing, it is your chance as a first year to start to build a relationship with future employers and gain a real insight into all the different opportunities available."