UH Trust supports nurses through scholarships

5 July 2021

In 2018, UH Trust, the charitable arm of the University, committed to supporting 27 nursing students over a period of three years with scholarships to support them throughout their degrees.

The scholarships have been transformational for the benefitting students, with one saying that there is ‘no doubt, without the scholarship, I would not have been able to do what I am doing’.

Recognising the impact of the UK government withdrawing nursing bursaries in 2017, the UH Trust wanted to support talented potential students who were deterred from applying because of the accumulation of debt during the course. The scholarships helped towards essential living expenses for our students, many of whom are mature with more financial responsibilities.

The bursaries have ended up having even more impact than originally envisaged, as the Covid pandemic financially impacted on many of our students.  

Each year, first year nursing students were encouraged to apply for the scholarships through an application process which identified those who would benefit most from the financial support. The scholarships were disbursed to students on nine of the undergraduate courses, with each scholar receiving £3,000 per year for the duration of their course.

One student remarked that she has ‘been able to feel financially stable and concentrate purely on my studies'. The scholarships have made such a significant difference to our students, all the more deserved throughout the challenges of the last year where many were working on the front line.

The scholarships embody the University’s aspiration to power the potential of our students and as another student wrote, 'it has helped me achieve so much in my degree already'.

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