Professor Matthew Weait, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor, my primary role is to support the Vice-Chancellor in discharging his responsibilities – with a particular focus on the academic performance of the University and the successful delivery of its 2020-25 strategy. I am committed to the FACES values of Herts, and to the focus on promoting community, opportunity, and flexibility. Higher education faces significant challenges as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, and these principles are ones that will ensure that we are able to respond effectively to those challenges and to support our learner community, both as students and as graduates entering the world of work.

I joined Hertfordshire in March 2020, having previously been Executive Dean of a Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. I have worked in universities for more than thirty years, and am passionate about their contribution to the economy and society, and their role in transforming lives – a mission that is at the heart of everything Herts does. I am especially committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion and to widening access and participation.

My academic background is in law and criminology, and my research has been mostly in the field of law and public health. Its focus is on the impact of law on people living with HIV and AIDS, and on how it can both advance their human rights and operate as an impediment to eliminating the spread of the virus. I have been privileged to work at a national international level, with UNAIDS and the Global Commission on HIV and the Law, and have a particular interest in the way civil society organisations representing the interests of people living with HIV and AIDS can partner effectively with clinicians, epidemiologists, policy makers, and others to eliminate HIV from the planet.

I qualified as barrister as a mature student (though I do not practise) and sit on the Education and Training Committee of the Hon. Soc. of the Middle Temple, one of the four Inns of Court. In my spare time I write fiction, and am a member of an active writing group.