Ian Campbell, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

From the day our students arrive, my job is to ensure they have a fantastic experience, that they learn a lot, and that we are delivering the things that are important to them. I also want to make sure that on the day they leave, we have put them in the best possible position to fulfil their dreams.

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor I work very closely with the Vice-Chancellor and the University Registrar. My focus is primarily internal while the Vice-Chancellor’s is predominantly external. If I had to describe our roles in one sentence, I would say I run the academic side, the Registrar runs the professional side, and the Vice-Chancellor oversees the whole thing.

What we share is a passion for creating the best environment for our students to succeed. Through a great many key people, I make sure our courses are relevant to whatever our students will do in the future, and that they have what they need to develop their skills. I drive forward the student experience: I listen to what students across the University have to say about their journey with us, and try to make things better on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. That’s what matters to me and why I do this job.

In my role it’s important to be able to interact with people and to inspire them to do great things. The best parts of any job are always the people and that’s certainly true of Herts. I get a lot of energy from our students and really enjoy the focus we have here on giving them meaningful teaching, opportunities beyond the classroom, and transferable skills that will get them a job or help them realise their ambitions.

I am passionate about the University’s values and making sure they are lived throughout the organisation. We are friendly – and we’re certainly ambitious and focused on our students.

Research is an important part of what a university does – it informs the league tables that parents and students look at – and here at Herts our excellent research is recognised for its relevance and impact for industry and society as a whole. It’s also put back into the courses our students follow. But what we’re really about is teaching, and about what happens to our students at the end of their course.

That could be further study, or setting up their own enterprise, going into the workplace with the knowledge and skills they’ll need to really succeed. What matters to us – and to our students - is that they enjoy their learning, and that they have a great experience while they’re here. My contribution to that is to create a buzz around the place, and create an environment where people are inspired to give their best.