Law students and staff recreate trials of the past

15 May 2019

On Wednesday 20 March students and staff from the Law and Criminology and Criminal Justice programmes visited St Albans Museum.

25 students and 4 lecturers took part in a trip led by the museum’s Learning and Interpretation Officer, Eleanor Payne. The trip incorporated a tour of the Victorian court and cells.

In the court the students and staff took part in a re-enactment of a real court case from the past. Everyone was given a character to play in the re-enactment where the where the accused, Charlotte Kimpton, aged 16, had stood trial for larceny (theft) at the Court House, St Albans on the 10 April 1845.

The trial was scripted and based on the evidence given at the time. At the end of the trial we were asked to consider the verdict that Charlotte was given and how this would differ in relation to modern law.