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  • Professor Richard Wiseman profile image

    Professor Richard Wiseman

    His expertise includes the psychology of luck, the psychology of magic, belief in the paranormal and superstition (researched from a sceptical point of view) and the psychology of humour.

  • Dr Philip Porter profile image

    Dr Philip Porter

    His expertise includes climate change in Arctic, Alpine and Himalayan environments, glaciology and glacier hydrology, glacier motion, field methods in the geosciences and landscape change in deglaciating environments.

  • Professor Elias Brinks profile image

    Professor Elias Brinks

    His expertise includes nearby galaxies, star formation, interstellar medium, interacting galaxies and radio astronomy.

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    Dr Samantha Rolfe

    Her expertise includes the exploration of the solar system, life detection, extra-solar planets and general astronomy topics.

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    Professor Keith Laws

    His expertise includes brain function, mental health, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, obsessive compulsive disorder and psychological therapies.

  • Professor Elizabeth Pike profile image

    Professor Elizabeth Pike

    Her expertise includes physical activity and older adults, and women, sport and physical activity.

  • Professor Bruce Fitt profile image

    Professor Bruce Fitt

    His expertise includes light leaf spot and phoma stem canker disease of oilseed rape, impacts of climate change on crop diseases and climate change mitigation (arable crops).

  • Dr Lindsay Bottoms profile image

    Dr Lindsay Bottoms

    Her expertise includes exercise for health and ergogenic aids for sports performance.

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    Sharon Maxwell Magnus

    Her expertise includes gender issues (particularly as relating to the 1970s and 1980s), UK female politicians, women and work, women and politics, and women's magazines and magazines in general.

  • Professor Jonathan Morris profile image

    Professor Jonathan Morris

    His expertise includes the history of coffee, the spread of coffee shops, sustainability of coffee production, the history of Italy since 1871, Italian consumer society and made in Italy.

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    Dr Laura Lo Coco

    Her expertise includes territories and resources, indigenous communities and their right to nation owned resources and territories, secession and political separation, and justice and equality.

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    Dr Felipe Romero-Moreno

    His expertise includes EU copyright reform, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), privacy, facial recognition technology, freedom of expression, the fake news and misinformation phenomenon.

  • Dr Anna Tippett profile image

    Dr Anna Tippett

    Her expertise includes the sexualisation of British popular culture, media representations of gender and sexuality, lad culture and lads’ mags, social constructions of gender and sexuality, sexism in the media and perceptions of feminism.

  • Claudia Carr profile image

    Claudia Carr

    Her expertise includes bioethics, end-of-life, organ donation and Jewish law, informed consent, therapeutic privilege, patients with learning disability.

  • profile image

    Dr Daniel McCluskey

    His expertise includes aerosol science, biodetection systems, fluid dynamics, microfluidics, computational fluid dynamics, rapid prototyping and computer aided engineering.

  • Professor Philip Woods profile image

    Professor Philip Woods

    His expertise includes democratic, distributed and collaborative leadership, arts-based and embodied methods of leadership development, education policy in the UK, collaborative teacher learning and student-staff partnerships.

  • David Allen profile image

    David Allen

    His expertise includes primary science and art teaching, and using drama as an assessment tool in science teaching.

  • Dr Laura Abbott profile image

    Dr Laura Abbott

    Her expertise includes pregnancy in prison, women in prison, complex social issues and maternal mental health.

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