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Wayne’s Poetry

Each of Wayne Holloway-Smith's poems disrupt or question our understanding of what it is to be working class and a man, through atypical, surreal and uncomfortable subject matter. Mr Punch’s antics finally get what they deserve, a cavalcade of Wayne’s jostle for attention. A baby falls from a building and hits the same person numerous times and in his National Poetry Competition winning poem, a mother reignites her life through the practice of boxing.

Please note this reading contains expletives.

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About Wayne Holloway-Smith

Wayne Holloway-Smith is a poet in creative writing and a lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire. His debut collection, Alarum, was published by Bloodaxe Books and shortlisted for a number of prizes. He won The National Poetry Competition in 2018 and The Poetry Society’s Geoffrey Dearmer Prize in 2016. His second collection is forthcoming in September 2020.

Other examples of his poetry work include:

  • The Air Itself
  • Some Wayne's
  • No Worries
  • 4 sections from I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE WENDING
  • I want you to leave your body now
  • The Posh Mums are Boxing in the Square

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