Josh Gaddes

Josh Gaddes aka Afari

Afari's contribution is full of personal songs that he wrote at different times throughout university reflecting his challenges, highs and lows and the different seasons of life. It has a combination of chilled vibes, sad vibes, as well as a more energetic track. His songs offer powerful lyrics with messages that others may relate with and find hope from during difficult times.

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About Josh Gaddes

Afari is a 22-year-old upcoming rapper taking his first steps in the music scene. He combines introspective lyricism and raw emotion to create personal music, conveying his perspective on life with his own unique sound. He fell in love with hip hop at a young age and began to write lyrics of his own. He quickly abandoned his dream, however, discarding his lyrics, but was inspired to pick up the pen once more, many years later at the age of 19. Since then he has resolved not to let go of his dream, later releasing his first single, Dedication, performing his songs wherever he gets a chance, and putting out freestyle videos on social media.

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