Create it, Share it!

To help keep everyone busy and creative at this difficult time so we’ve teamed up with artists to give you some fun, creative activities you can enjoy doing at home. Whether you’re off school, caring for others, working from home or looking for something to do online as a group, we hope our activities get that creativity flowing!

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The wonderful content you see here is uncensored; the views and opinions expressed by the speakers at the Festival of Ideas Reimagined are their own and do not reflect the views, opinions, official policy or position of the University of Hertfordshire.

About Create it, Share it!

UH Arts artists have created fun, creative activities for you to enjoy at home;

  • Create Characters with Harry Woodgate
  • Room with a View with Jane Glynn
  • Hanging Garden with Lee Farmer
  • 3D Collage with Anna Ray
  • Junk Draw with Amanda Ralph
  • Creative Characters Stay Home with Harry Woodgate
  • Make a Tiny Book with Jane Glynn
  • Stamp Making with Anna Ray
  • Create a Home Gallery with Amanda Ralph
  • Star Making with Emma Roberts
  • Portraiture Drawing with Harriet Riddell
  • Sliding Puzzle with Lee Farmer
  • Freestyle Drawing with Harriet Riddell

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