Chapman Gallery Tour

Chapman Gallery is one of the main gallery spaces dedicated to showcasing the University’s Art Collection. The architecture bears witness to the institution's incredible evolution – for over sixty years this was the gateway into Hatfield Technical College, then Hatfield Polytechnic and now the University of Hertfordshire.

The Collection has 3 key strands: (1) Historical - includes works by artists such as Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth and Reg Butler, (2) Contemporary Artists - this group has been developed through UH Arts’ exhibition programme and membership of the Contemporary Art Society and includes works by Andy Goldsworthy and Alan Davie, (3) Student/Staff - includes works by Sam Jury and Diane MacLean.

The wonderful content you see here is uncensored; the views and opinions expressed by the speakers at the Festival of Ideas Reimagined are their own and do not reflect the views, opinions, official policy or position of the University of Hertfordshire.

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