Office of the Dean of Students

Students talking The Office of the Dean of Students has a wide range of responsibilities including:

  • support for the student community
  • educational engagement
  • community partnerships
  • mentoring and widening participation initiatives

The Dean of Students is also responsible for student discipline and student complaints and appeals.

Areas of responsibility


The Chaplaincy is based in a purposeā€“built, multi-faith and multi-cultural centre. Both students and staff are welcome to take time out for the spiritual side of life.

Community Partnership Office

The Community Partnership Office monitors, improves and impacts on community-based engagement and interaction with the local community.

Counselling Centre

The University provides a professional and confidential counselling and mental well-being advice service  which is available to staff and to all students.

Disability Services

Disability Services has a range of specialist services available to students and staff.

Medical Centre

The medical practice on the Hatfield College Lane campus has been specifically developed to meet the needs of students living on campus or in the local area.

Outreach and Widening Participation

The University's Outreach and Widening Participation team aims to provide advice, support and encouragement to prospective University of Hertfordshire students and to increase student numbers in higher education from under-represented groups.

It also provides mentor training, consultancy and support services in organisations, businesses and Hertfordshire Schools.  Support is also offered to care leavers.

University Day Nursery

The University has a Day Nursery on the College Lane Campus and is committed to the provision of childcare facilities for use by the students and staff.