Academic Board

The role and responsibilities of the Academic Board are set out in the Articles of Government.

The Academic Board Committee Structure gives detailed governance information.

Current membership

Academic Board membership
Vice-Chancellor who shall be Chairman of the Board Professor Q A McKellar
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Vice-Chairman of the Board) Professor I G Campbell
Secretary and Registrar who shall be Secretary to the Board Mrs S C Grant
Pro Vice-Chancellors Dr S M Jarvis
Mrs J A Newlan
Professor J M Senior
5 Deans of School, nominated by the Deans of School for terms of office of 3 years Mrs P Carey
Ms J Kelly
Professor A Murphy
Dr R L V Southern
Dr L Trodd
Academic Registrar Mrs S D Harrison Barker
Chief Information Officer Dr D M Ford
Dean of Students Mrs G Ward
President of SU or one student nominated by the Trustees of the University of Hertfordshire Students’ Union Miss R Shafqat
2 students nominated by the Student Representative Council

Miss A Holloway-Smith

2 members of the professional staff elected by the professional staff Mrs B Rahl
Ms E Roberts
8 members of the academic staff elected by the academic staff Dr K Coppin
Dr T Gilbert
Dr S B Kirton
Mr A Lambert
Mrs J A Price
Ms J St John
Mr R Wilkinson
Ms A Yip
1 teacher nominated by the Academic Board to serve as a member of the Board of Governors Dr L Mitchell
Officers in attendance

Group Finance Director
Mr A Moffat

Director of Doctoral College
Dr S Grey

Director of Academic Quality Assurance 
Dr F L Haddleton 

Director of Learning and Teaching
Ms K Barton

Director of Marketing and Communications
Mrs J A Newlan

Governance Services Officer (Clerk to the Board)

Ms L Caselles-Vallejo