Academic Board

The role and responsibilities of the Academic Board are set out in the Articles of Government.

The Academic Board Committee Structure gives detailed governance information.

Membership – 1 June 2018

Academic Board membership
Vice-Chancellor who shall be Chairman of the Board Professor Q A McKellar
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Vice-Chairman of the Board) Professor I G Campbell
Secretary and Registrar who shall be Secretary to the Board Mrs S C Grant
Pro Vice-Chancellors Dr S M Jarvis
Mrs J A Newlan
Professor J M Senior
5 Deans of School, nominated by the Deans of School for terms of office of 3 years Professor W Clocksin
Ms J Kelly
Dr R L V Southern
Dr D Ward
Academic Registrar Mrs S D Harrison Barker
Chief Information Officer Dr D M Ford
Dean of Students Mrs G Ward
President of SU or one student nominated by the Trustees of the University of Hertfordshire Students’ Union Ms Z Hakim
2 students nominated by the Student Representative Council Mr A Aman
2 members of the professional staff elected by the professional staff Mrs C Desborough
Mrs B Rahl
8 members of the academic staff elected by the academic staff Dr T Gilbert
Dr S B Kirton
Mr A Lambert
Dr R Napiwotzki
Mrs J A Price
Dr H Wells
Dr P D Wernick
Mr R Wilkinson
1 teacher nominated by the Academic Board to serve as a member of the Board of Governors Dr L Mitchell
Officers in attendance Group Finance Director
Mr A Moffat

Director of Doctoral College
Dr S Grey

Director of Academic Quality Assurance
Dr F L Haddleton

Director of Learning and Teaching
Ms K Barton

Director of Marketing and Communications
Mrs J A Newlan

Assistant Head of Governance Services (Clerk to the Board)
Mrs J H Allen