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28 October 2021






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Forum Theatre

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You are invited to join the University of Hertfordshire's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Quintin McKellar CBE, as he delivers his annual lecture titled, University admissions, fair by design or a loaded lottery?

The university admissions process has been held firmly under the microscope during these atypical times, with students, institutions and employers all vying for the greatest personal return on investment. Professor Quintin McKellar will contemplate the fairness of the admissions process – exploring whether applicants, institutions, and society on the whole are benefitting equitably for the long term.

We have by most measures a good admissions system but is it truly fair? Can it be right that many applicants are accepted on predicted and not actual grades? Should the prior educational context of an applicant be more robustly considered? Is the admissions process fair to the university, who should only accept applicants likely to succeed in their courses and benefit from the character of the university? Is the system fair to employers, who require graduates with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and behaviours to contribute productively to their enterprise? And to society, which will bear substantive cost of the graduate education and might expect a return both in tax revenue and societal fabric?

Join us for a fascinating take on this prevalent question.

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