Climate Change: COP26 and Beyond

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19 November 2021

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3 December 2021




UH Sustainability Team


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A154 Lindhop

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Almost every year for three decades at a United Nations summit known as Conference of the Parties (COP) world leaders have met to discuss the global response to the climate crisis. This November, heads of state, climate experts, NGOs, and campaigners will convene in Glasgow at COP26 to ref

But what does that actually mean, and how will this year’s event help society to take more coordinated action to tackle climate change?

We are hosting a free conference for staff, students and members of the public to help unpack and explore the key discussion points of COP26. The conference spans three days (19 November, 26 November and 3 December), but you can book onto specific sessions of your choice via the link below. We are welcoming Herts academics, external speakers from NGOs, local councils and commercial brands to share their insights and perspectives around the areas of focus at COP26 and provide opportunities for thought provoking discussion and education. The conference will be opened by University Vice-Chancellor Quintin McKellar.

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