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29 September 2021




Dr Maria Dimitriadi




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Bioscience Research Group Seminars at The University of Hertfordshire, sponsored by the Biochemical Society.

Green Extraction and Analysis of Natural Products

Delivered by Dr Mustafa Ozel, Department of Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences
University of Hertfordshire, UK

Most companies in the food & pharma industries use conventional extraction methods such as those using solvents, or steam and hydro-distillation. Recent trends in extraction techniques have largely focused on minimizing the use of petroleum-based solvents. Recently, more efficient extraction methods, such as subcritical water extraction (SWE), supercritical fluid extraction (SFE), and microwave assisted extraction (MAE) have been used for the isolation of organic compounds from various plants. These extraction techniques are not only cheaper and faster, but being considered environmentally-friendly, they also enable these products to claim a green label. Having a green label is desirable to many customers.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis for natural products can be carried out using advanced analytical equipment such as the Electronic nose, GC-NCD/SCD (Nitrogen chemiluminescence detector and Sulphur chemiluminescence detector), 2 dimensional GC-MS and headspace GC-MS. Each system has its own advantages.

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Microsoft Teams Meeting