The Black Vampyre and Other Creations: Gothic Visions of New Worlds

Associate Professor Sam George, and her Open Graves, Open Minds project, will be participating in the The Being Human Festival.

This event will explore gothic dreams of new worlds and the creatures that inhabit them, notably Mary Shelley’s plague world, John Polidori’s vampire, the Black Vampyre and the ghosts of World War 1.

Visit Polidori’s uncanny resting place in a virtual tour, in the same graveyard where Mary and Percy Shelley’s courtship found life, and contemplate Gothic new worlds via presentations and performances

Discover the first black vampire in literature, inspired by Polidori, and pay homage to the famous story-writing contest at the Villa Diodati, writing gothic flash-fiction.

Format: talks, virtual graveyard tour and gothic flash fiction writing contest.