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9 December 2020




Dr Maria Dimitriadi




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Bioscience Research Group Seminars at The University of Hertfordshire, sponsored by the Biochemical Society.

Not covering up with skin: a route to birth defects?

Delivered by Dr Caroline Formstone, Department of Clinical, Pharmaceutical & Biological Science, University of Hertfordshire, UK

The skin provides a protective layer for the body against desiccation and external assault. How skin is built in the embryo has been long studied but little is known about how it encompasses the body. My research has shown that the skin emerges in mouse embryos just over half-way through gestation. The skin appears as a thickened tissue at the mid-flank of the embryo trunk which subsequently thins and spreads from the mid-flank towards the front of the embryo (ventral-side) and the back of the embryo (dorsal-side) eventually enclosing the embryo trunk 2-3 days later. I will provide evidence that skin enclosure of the embryo body requires both intrinsic and extrinsic processes. Overall, my research raises the hypothesis that failure to enclose the embryo body with skin may underlie some common birth defects of dorsal and ventral closure and importantly that extrinsic factors may reduce their prevalence.


Microsoft Teams Meeting