Governance beyond the Anthropocene: Ecological Issues in European Political Practice and Thought

Hosted by the Security & Governance research group, this interdisciplinary event brings together researchers working in European politics, law and political thought to explore how topical ecological issues such as sustainable energy, resource security and climate change impact on our understanding of politics and the practice of policy-making within Europe.

The event aims to draw out the practical-political purchase and applicability of recent ecological and new materialist thought which calls for the revision of established political and legal notions of life, agency and responsibility. In particular, we will seek to use these theoretical lenses to understand and evaluate the current state, direction and approach of ecological regulation which the European Union. Here, supra-national regulation exists to an unprecedented degree, but appears to have stagnated in recent years despite the urgent nature of many environmental concerns, such as energy security and pollution. Addressing these urgent concerns, the workshop seeks to create a stimulating exchange between experts working on the intersection of environmental issues with legal and political thought and practice from across Europe.


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W125/W128, Law Court Building, de Havilland Campus, University of Hertfordshire