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Flagship Lecture: Future-proof your child - a 'how to' guide


In this innovative and dynamic talk, Dr Weston takes parents on a journey into the future. It is an uncertain one, but using insights from the world of futurology, predictive analyses and views from experts in areas such as economics, psychology, education and business, we can highlight the most important things parents need to know.

To equip our children for the future, parents need to be aware of potential challenges on both a national and global scale. The future is steeped in technological innovation replete with a demand for particular skill-sets. As well as being able to compete in terms of future employability, it is also of critical importance that our children grow up to be happy, healthy and resilient.

Britain is currently witnessing extremely poor mental health outcomes in children and teens. How can parents, teachers and schools develop evidence-based approaches that can transform children¹s future life outcomes? What do parents need to know so their child is able to thrive emotionally and professionally in the future?

This talk is for anyone with a big imagination and an interest in evidence-based approaches that can help children to thrive.

About Dr Weston

Dr Weston is the Founder and CEO of Tooled Up Education, a brand new, evidence-based resource bank for parents. Tooled Up Education works with leading researchers and research institutes from all over the world, distilling some of the most complex academic research into easy-to-apply practical tips.

Dr Weston is considered one of the leading speakers in the world of parental engagement in Britain today and is currently co-authoring a book for Bloomsbury Press for teachers on how to engage parents. She is a motivational and keynote speaker and enjoys giving talks for both parent and teacher audiences. For the last eight years, she has co-produced a radio show for parents on Radio Verulam 92.6FM


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