Chloe McKendrick

Meet Chloe McKendrick, President of the LGBT+ Society. She tells us she will never forget the exceptional people she's met at Herts.

Current job roleLGBT+ Society President
Course of studyBA (Hons) Politics and International Relations

Chloe holds a microphone and a sheet of paper

Life at Herts

Before beginning my studies at the University of Hertfordshire, I wasn’t sure on how inclusive it was. Although I was sure it had a diverse staff and student population, I was happily surprised by how celebratory Herts is of differences. Everyone is encouraged to be proud of their identity. Herts is diverse, open, loving and accepting. You can be yourself at the University of Hertfordshire.

I identify as a cisgender gay woman using, she/her pronouns. I feel very supported by the University as they have allowed me to have a voice on LGBT+ matters. Herts, alongside the Students’ Union, has given me the opportunity to represent the LGBT+ community at the University and that will always be an honour. I have been supported by the University and Students’ Union, who have backed every event idea and opportunity to make change.

What I'm most proud of

Alongside the LGBT+ Society, I believe we have made a difference at Herts by expanding on the celebration of the LGBT+ community. We marked LGBT+ History Month 2020 with Herts’ first Pride and are educating staff and students on the use of preferred pronouns. We continue to develop opportunities which express our pride in our diverse community and encourage social change.

As President of the LGBT+ Society, I am very proud of the successes we have achieved. It has allowed me to grow my leadership, marketing and communication skills, alongside enhancing my confidence. The LGBT+ Society has given me the opportunity to meet exceptional people who I will never forget.

What more can we do?

A lot of members within the LGBT+ community often face prejudice and discrimination not only in person but online. From slurs to threats to physical attacks, the LGBT+ community face these every day for just existing. Continuing to celebrate and mark diversity is key to provide and encourage essential social change.

There are still improvements that can be made, not only at Herts but in higher education across the globe. We need to encourage the everyday usage of preferred pronouns. From adding them to your social media bio and email signatures, to introducing yourself; small changes can be an essential way to support the transgender community.

We can make it easier for people to change their name and photo on their University IDs. This can be essential for transgender staff and students who otherwise could be misgendered and have no choice but to use their dead name.

Furthermore, we can continue highlighting events like Pride Month and LGBT+ History Month to make sure that staff and students have the opportunity to celebrate their identities.

Herts is diverse, open, loving and accepting. You can be yourself at the University of Hertfordshire. Difference is fine. Difference is okay. Difference is fantastic. Difference is pride.