Lest we forget: AIDS, COVID-19 and the politics of memory

Key Information

Tuesday 16 February16:00 - 17:30Please complete the booking form to receive joining instructions.

About the talk

We discuss the social similarities and differences between the AIDS pandemic and the current COVID-19 crisis. We'll examine how current discourse about COVID-19 remembers (or ignores) HIV/AIDS as an antecedent, and question the political implications of remembering. Together, we'll explore thought provoking questions such as: How is memory political? Whose lives matter and are remembered and whose don’t? The talk uses a variety of materials, from qualitative research to art pieces by Critchley and commentary by queer philosopher Preciado and historian Sarah Schulman. The talk concludes with an open question: How can the AIDS epidemic and its aftermath help us think about a post-COVID future?

About the speakers

Jaime García-Iglesias holds a degree in English and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Manchester and is also a Mildred Baxter Postdoc Fellow (Sociology of Health and Illness Foundation) at the University of Edinburgh. He has authored numerous articles in top journals about gay men’s experiences of HIV and healthcare, PrEP and affect, and internet use. You can read 'Health, Illness and Medicine - From AIDS to Coronavirus: Who has the Right to Care?' on The European Sociologist's website, which was co-written by Dr Maurice Nagington. Jamie is particularly interested in the interface between fantasy, desires and healthcare decision-making, and the role that memories play in people’s experiences. You can follow Jamie on Twitter.

On the panel

Dr Maurice Nagington is a lecturer in health sciences at the University of Manchester. Maurice’s primary interests are how gender and/or sexuality intersect with death, sex, and drugs. His methods encompass in-depth qualitative interviewing, (auto)ethnography, and literary/film analysis. His most recent research project focusses on the cultural representations and lived experiences of chemsex. Read Maurice's profile on The University of Manchester's website. You can also follow Maurice on Twitter.

Dr Shivani Sharma is a psychologist with a background in health inequalities research. Shivani is also the executive lead for equality, diversity and inclusivity within the School of Life and Medical Sciences. She is interested in the ‘double whammy +’ of disparities that arise for different communities from the latest challenge to health and well-being- COVID-19. You can follow Shivani on Twitter.

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