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Promoting inclusivity through embracing flexibility

We will ensure inclusivity by supporting the diverse needs of staff and students through a flexible approach to working and learning.

Flexible working and learning at the University

We know our staff and students have interests and responsibilities outside work and study and we try to tailor working and learning situations to everyone. We also endeavour to ensure that the policies and activities are communicated widely and consistent in their application.

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"I have made lifelong friends through this network and understand that whatever I am feeling as a working parent, at least one of my colleagues is feeling exactly the same. Meeting new people across campus has been great and the camaraderie has been invaluable."

Sarah Austin, Chair of Working Parents’ Network

Supporting staff and student parents

We recognise the importance of supporting staff and students who are parents or expectant parents, and consistently receive positive feedback from those benefiting from flexible working arrangements. We are home to a vibrant Working Parents' Network that runs regular events and activities such as work/life balance coaching and mindfulness sessions.

Supporting our carers

Carers play a very important role and make a difference in society. We have been undertaking efforts to develop a better understanding of our staff and student carer populations and are looking to enhance support to enable them to combine work/studies with their care responsibilities.

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2018/19 Staff and Student Statistics

The University publishes an overview of key equality and diversity statistics on an annual basis (as of 31 July) relating to the protected characteristics of its staff and student body. The latest details have been published separately, with the statistics used within the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) report providing a snapshot from this. The EDI report has been approved by the Chief Executive Group and the Board of Governors.