Ethnicity pay gap

As part of our ongoing commitment to equal opportunity and transparency, we are publishing our ethnicity pay gap data for the first time. We strive to recognise and reward the contribution of our staff fairly, and it is important that we are transparent in how we do this. Acknowledging and tackling the ethnicity pay gap is an important part of improving diversity and inclusion at the University.

"The University of Hertfordshire places the highest importance on attracting, developing and retaining outstanding staff. Our Strategic Plan focuses on transforming lives and ensures our staff flourish in the work that they do and that their career development is recognised and rewarded. The reasons for pay differentials are complex and we are taking a number of actions and initiatives to reduce these differences."

Professor Quintin McKellar CBE


Our staff profile

The data in this report is based on a snapshot of information from the month ending 31 March 2019. This year’s report includes a total of 3,220 staff, with 2,449 white staff, 630 BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) staff and 141 refused/unknown.

Breakdown by quartile band 2019

Quartile bandWhite%BAME%Refused/unknown%Total
Lower Middle5987415720526807
Upper Middle6047516521354804
Grand total2,449766302014143,220

Understanding our ethnicity pay data

The difference between white and BAME staff

Rate of pay Mean
(average) %
(middle) %
Hourly rate of pay 15.12 11.49
Bonus pay paid 37.72 0.00

Proportion of white and BAME paid a bonus

Ethnicity 2019
BAME 53.88
White 70.73

Our data shows that an ethnicity pay gap exists in both mean and median hourly rates of pay and mean bonus pay.

The mean hourly rate of pay for white staff is £22.91 and £19.44 for BAME. This is a difference of £3.47, which represents a 15.12% mean pay gap. The median hourly rate of pay for white staff is £20.68 and £18.30 for BAME. This is a difference of £2.38, which represents a 11.49% pay gap. 1,771 white staff and 347 BAME staff are eligible for bonus pay. The mean bonus pay amount for white staff is £288.90 and £179.93 for BAME. This is a difference of £108.97, which represents a 37.72% pay gap.

Reducing our pay gap

The reasons for the ethnicity pay gap are complex, and often a result of historical factors. By committing to publish our ethnicity pay report annually, we will be better able to track trends and progress made across the University going forwards.

Whilst recruiting more senior BAME staff will help reduce the pay gap, this alone will not achieve the real change we want to see. Initiatives that have been successful in addressing our gender pay gap can also be beneficial in reducing our ethnicity pay gap.

The University’s initiatives to reduce the ethnicity pay gap will include:

  • Developing, appraising and retaining our existing staff and ensure there is diversity at senior leadership and management levels.
  • Continued annual and monthly report and analysis of University and department staffing by ethnicity, including application, shortlisting and appointment activity.
  • Increasing senior BAME staff (UH9 or above) to 16%.
  • Increasing BAME teaching staff to 25%.
  • Retaining the Race Equality Charter Mark.
  • Launching a BAME mentoring scheme, with a commitment from our senior leadership who will participate as mentors.
  • Giving staff the opportunity to attend the Advance HE Diversifying Leadership programme.
  • Ensure all staff participate in our continuous professional development programmes.
  • Working in partnership with key stakeholders, including trade unions and the BAME staff network.