Green computing

The University of Hertfordshire has an extensive and well-developed digital environment providing 365/24/7 anytime anywhere online services, which are vital for delivering excellent student experience, for supporting teaching and research and for running University business.

We are implementing a successful carbon reduction strategy including a green ICT Strategy coupled with an action plan. Suppliers are required to provide details of how their proposals will contribute to the University's carbon and energy reduction programme, with any projected year on year improvements to further reduce the University's carbon and usage levels and costs.

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1Efficient Data Centres

Sustainable Computing

  • Equipment Lifecycles
  • Desktop Computer Usage
  • Printing

Shared Services

  • Use of External Services
  • Sharing of Internal Services

Centralisation of Services

  • Equalisation of Service Delivery
  • Standardisation of Services

Sustainability Modal Shift

  • Cultural Change
  • Carbon Displacement Using Technology


Progress continues to be made on reducing power consumption and CO2 emissions through the consolidation, rationalisation and virtualisation of ICT equipment and services.

Programmes undertaken

During 2014/15, key ‘Green’ ICT Plan actions included the Network Replacement project which delivered enhanced network capacity as well as energy savings as all components in our network architecture are gradually replaced, and the establishment of a Render Farm for Animation Course students utilising a large number of old desktop computers.

Work also continued on the consolidation of disparate server and data storage services onto the UH Enterprise Architecture, the decommissioning of legacy power-inefficient hardware, and the deployment of power management policies to staff computers.

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