Policy and governance

Our environmental sustainability approach focuses on three key areas; climate action, biodiversity and resource management. Within each of these we have a number of aims and commitments which will be delivered through four pathways:

  1. Build a sustainable community
  2. Deliver education, student and people experience
  3. Reduce operational emissions
  4. Showcase our research, enterprise, and global engagement

There are also lots of ways we monitor and track our progress, for example; a robust EMS system which ensures legal compliance and drives continuous improvement, ISO14001 audit and certification, internal audits, eco campus certification (currently platinum), league tables such as People and Planet, AUDE scorecard, and staff, student and sector feedback.

Below you will find full detail of our approach via our latest environmental performance reports, policies, and action plans which set out our commitment to protecting the environment and contributing to the race to net zero.

Performance reports


Action plans


Additional information

Please contact the Sustainability team if you would like additional information.