Zahra Barri

Bird in the River

Zahra Barri is a writer and stand-up comedian who loves writing and talking about taboo subjects in a light-hearted and funny style. She has had her stand-up feature on Radio 4, Radio 4 Extra, Radio 2, BBC Asian Network and BBC Period Dramas online. She is half Egyptian and half Irish and has grown up in Saudi Arabia, but also Bracknell. Due to her mixed heritage background she has attended both Muslim schools and Catholic schools but is now atheist.

'A buzzy fluffball of comedy unafraid to take risks, like a cute lhasapoo puppy with a surprising snarl.' Mumble Comedy

'Loved this funny and unique book' Kate Bradley, Harper Collins. Debut Novel Runner Up for the CWIP prize 2020.

Zahra reads from her debut novel, which was written over lockdown. It received the Runner Up trophy in the Comedy Women in Print Prize 2020. It follows the lough-out-loud adventure of a singleton who turns to a robot boyfriend and therapy to heal past traumas.

In this extract we are led to a scene where the main character Indie and her friend Meghan have been posted a box of rotten fish by their suspected rapist…

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