Trust in the Future team:

A Changed World: Trust, innovative technologies and the pandemic

A team of four researchers from the Hertfordshire Business School at the University of Hertfordshire provides an organisational and social perspective of the role of trust with innovative information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Professor Jyoti Choudrie:

  • What have you learnt from our presentation that can help you with your present studies?

Carolina Castro:

  • What are the most and the least exciting digital tools that you have used during the pandemic and why?

Nadine Goldthorpe:

  • How can you use the innovative technologies mentioned in this presentation to enhance not just your studies but also your own digital fluency?

Chikelue Chike-Obuekwe:

  • Will research topics and methods be dependent on the current Covid-19 situation?
  • What research methods are students considering using during the pandemic?
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