Susanna Candlin


This is a short film made over the course of a single sunny day in May, a record of my own family’s experience of lockdown. We were lucky in not being directly involved in the health struggles and tragedy that so many others endured. For us, lockdown had the unreal feeling of being a time out of normal life, a time when our world slowed down, the sun shone, the birds sang, and the air was particularly clear and sweet. Being musicians our Thursday evenings - after the clap for carers - were spent singing and playing music for the street with guitars, ukuleles and violins. Music was a big part of our daily routine, particularly for the younger of our two sons - a singer/songwriter - who was locked down with us for six months. The three people in the film, my husband, son and I, are implied presences in the house, heard and seen only in brief glimpses. The internal, domestic location takes centre stage, underscoring the relative narrowness of life during lockdown; even though we were fortunate enough to have a garden and by this date were permitted to go out for walks, this is a film of an inside life. It’s a film about noticing the beauty of mundane things and the way that light casts its presence in interior spaces; and it’s about being aware of the steady passing of time. As the light fades, a more sombre mood descends, and the house begins to vibrate with darkness

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