Poetics of Place: Introduction

with Inna Allen and Elizabeth Murton

UH Arts is thrilled to present Poetics of Place. This physical group exhibition in the Art & Design Gallery (22 October 2020 – 9 January 2021) and a digital exhibition considers the ways in which our perceptions of place shape our thoughts, memories and dreams. The exhibition focuses on works by six artists living and working in Hertfordshire. With varying visual languages, artists Fiona Curran, Yva Jung, Dave Nelson, Kirke Raava, Amanda Ralph and Imogen Welch all share an inherent interest in the process of moulding and re-shaping experiences of memory or place.

Poetics of Place is especially poignant and meaningful in the context of the pandemic, when we have been forced to spend so much time within our domestic environments.

Commenting on the exhibition, curators Inna Allen and Elizabeth Murton, said 'Poetics of Place explores our perceptions of place, and how memories can be filtered through a variety of artefacts and personal experience. Our homes have always been the foundation in our lives, but we have perhaps never been more in tune with our senses of place than now, in this current environment.'

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