Creative resilience in the face of COVID-19

Nascent | adjective | 1. Coming into existence, beginning to form, grow or develop.

Ascent | noun | 1. The act of moving or climbing upward.

University of Hertfordshire’s Fine Art graduates of 2020 are proud to present a selection of work showcasing the culmination of our studies, and a glimpse into what is yet to come in our ascension. The range of work on offer is as diverse as it is exciting, showcasing the development of work from life as we knew it before, to how we are materialising through the current Covid-19 climate. It is a comprehensive display that exhibits creative artistry brought about by academic research and curiosity, a balance of passionate endeavour and a subtle touch to explore the myriad of conversations about our place in the world.

We are emerging, we are Nascent.

  • How did you adapt and maintain creative flow through the abrupt lockdown and difficulties of this unprecedented pandemic?
  • What lessons do you feel the exhibitors have learnt from successfully curating, installing and disseminating Nacent?
  • Do you feel your experience on Fine Art at UH was helpful in adapting to the situation?
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