Matthew Weait

A Changed World University-Wide Make-Along: Chat Room with Matthew Weait

To complement the project, the University of Hertfordshire organised a very successful online teaching and learning event: A Changed World University-Wide Make-Along, with an open invitation to the entire extended Herts community, including University of Hertfordshire students from FE and overseas partners. Experts in creative writing, communication, art, and media led interactive beginners’ sessions in creative arts. Crafting together in real-time, the project connected virtually in a positive and supportive environment, enjoying moments of pride in their own and others’ creativity.

Away from the day job as Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Matthew has a number of creative interests. He is a member of an active writing group, The Unwriteables. He has published two short stories and completed an as yet unpublished novel. His short story ‘the days he had seen’ was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize, and you can hear Matthew reading it on the A Changed World YouTube channel. He is currently working on a second novel centred on the impact of the German occupation of Norway in the Second World War. Matthew also enjoys appreciating and playing music. He was a Choral Exhibitioner as an undergraduate and a member of Schola Cantorum, a chamber choir based at the University of Oxford. He recently joined up with some singers from that choir and others to perform an online lockdown rendition of William Byrd’s Ave Verum Corpus. Matthew also plays the piano (moderately well) and the bassoon (less well, but very enthusiastically). Painting and photography also an important part of Matthew’s life, and he has rediscovered the pleasure of capturing views of London over the past six months.

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