Kerri Vasiliou

The power of photography

Throughout the last months, I have been lucky enough to continue with my photography practise. During August and September, I had the opportunity to shoot at a variety of local businesses located in North London. My imagery has helped these businesses promote their food, products and services to their specific target audiences on social media such as Instagram. Doing these photoshoots during this uncertain time has made me realise how important it is to help each other succeed in business and life in general. It has been very surreal to see how things have changed in the world around us, but it has also made me appreciate the work I do so much more. The power of photography is amazing and creating promotional content that has allowed business owners to improve their circumstances is extremely rewarding.

Cake on wooden plate
Bowl of cooked grains
Hamburger and beer
Bartender making drink
Bartender making drink
Drink on bar
Blue drink
Drinks on bar
Bottle of perfume
Handsanitiser station outside shopt
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