Hertfordshire Students' Union

Teaching and living through a pandemic

The COVID-19 Student Experience Report was carried out by Danielle Bradford (Research Coordinator) and Stephen Owen (Head of Student Services) at Hertfordshire SU. The video was created by Hannah Minchin (Marketing Executive).

Earlier this year we, the Students’ Union, asked Herts students how the pandemic was impacting their studies and wellbeing. We received an amazing response, with students sharing their experiences of hardship and struggles, friendships and support. This video showcases just a handful of the stories shared with us, and highlights some of the main themes found within our report on the student experience during COVID-19. The report encompasses the views of over 1500 of our students and we thank them for sharing their thoughts so candidly with us.

  • What has living and learning through the pandemic looked like for you?
  • Do you feel that, in the long-term, the future of education has changed due to the pandemic? And if so, how?
The wonderful content you see here is uncensored; the views and opinions expressed by the speakers are their own and do not reflect the views, opinions, official policy or position of the University of Hertfordshire.