Harriet Riddell

A Changed World University-Wide Make-Along: Sketching with Harriet

To complement the project, the University of Hertfordshire organised a very successful online teaching and learning event: A Changed World University-Wide Make-Along, with an open invitation to the entire extended Herts community, including University of Hertfordshire students from FE and overseas partners. Experts in creative writing, communication, art, and media led interactive beginners’ sessions in creative arts. Crafting together in real-time, the project connected virtually in a positive and supportive environment, enjoying moments of pride in their own and others’ creativity.

Harriet Riddell is a performance textile artist, educator, and Alumna of the University of Hertfordshire. Her main form of artistry is a sewing machine and freeform embroidery which she uses to create stitched portraits and live scenarios. Often stitching in challenging locations such as public markets, slums, and fields, she has used solar energy, bicycle-powered batteries, and foot pedals to power her sewing machine. Harriet has exhibited her work around the world including in London, Delhi, Nairobi, and Toronto. You can find a snippet of some of her marvellous adventures on A Changed World website and find out more about her work on her InStitchYou website.

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