Innovation in Recovery and Social Inclusion Theory and Practice 7WHS0017


Unit 1.2 What Facilitates Recovery?

Module Overview / Unit 1.2 / Session 4

Social Inclusion, Specialised Services or Community Integration?

Activity 4

Please watch the Peter Bates video (link below) from the National Development Team, in which Peter talks about Social Inclusion. In this video Peter uses a traffic like system to contrast service design. Peter talks about red, which is specialised mental health services, only for people with mental health problems; amber, where people with mental health issues access mainstream services, but do so within segregated groups; and green, where people with mental health problems access mainstream services which focus on their area of interest, rather than their mental health situation.

Peter illustrates his ideas to suggest that if someone wants to develop their creative writing skills why should they do so, using a mental health pen, with other mental health service users, writing on mental health paper and submitting it to a mental health journal? Rather we should be supporting people to attend a mainstream college course with other people who want to write creatively? This DVD raises many issues around the implication of resource allocation and staff training. Many of our service provision is within specialist mental health provision rather than accessing and developing community resources? Some of Peter's comments resonate with Rapp and Goscha's comments around 'entrapping' and 'enabling' niches? 

You can learn more about Peter Bates and his work by visiting:

Task: What implications is Peter suggesting that you could apply to your practice and also for service redesign? Please discuss in #Social Inclusion

Guide Time = 40 minutes

Activity 5

Reflect on your own experience of mental health services, to include examples of practice that you feel contributed to the maintenance of a person’s sense of identity as well as practice that did not? Post them to the Class Discussion #Impact of professionals 2 and also upload a copy of your response in a word document to the online assignment system. This will be good practise on how to use the online submission ready for when you have to submit your marked assignments.

Guide Time = 25 minutes

Activity 6

In the last unit we discussed the paradigm shift that needs to take place for recovery work to take place. Since working with Sam go back to the group Wiki and think about whether your definition of recovery includes this aspect of recovery? If not then amend the Wiki to include your new thinking.

Guide Time = 15 minutes

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