Principles of Sport Management

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Unit 1: Introduction

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The Sport Management Environment

Globalisation has been a 'force majeure' in changing how sport is produced and consumed. The enhanced integration of international economies has enabled communication to occur between producers and consumers at greater speeds and in variety.


Watch the first part of the lecture for this session, The Sport Management Environment - A brief overview of the Sport Industry in the United Kingdom.


What are the five key activities which sport managers engage in?


Using the Wiki function on the module site, contribute to the following question:

What is it about managing a sport organisation that makes it unique from other business enterprises? Tip: see pages 8-10 in Hoye, et. al (2012) who list nice unique aspects. Provide some examples for at least 3 of these aspects in relation to your own experiences as a Sports Professional.

Case study - Leisure Connection

Leisure Connection is an organisation which specialises in the management of facilities which are owned by local authorities. This is a classic example of a public/private partnership. Visit the website and find out more about this organisation.

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