Trees in England Prize Draw

University of Hertfordshire Press is delighted to launch a prize draw to win a free copy of our upcoming book Trees in England. Simply email your answers to the following questions to with "Trees in England Prize Draw" as the subject heading.

  1. Peach stones contain a small amount of which deadly poison?
  2. What is the scientific name for the English Elm?
  3. In which county is the tallest tree in England?
  4. To what species does the Tolpuddle Martyrs' tree belong?
  5. Kett’s Oak in Norfolk was the assembly point for a rebellion… against what?
  6. Whose rule says that if a branch with diameter (D) splits into an arbitrary number (n) of secondary branches of diameters (d1, d~2, 2~et cetera), the sum of the secondary branches' diameters squared equals the square of the original branch's diameter… or, in formula terms: D2 = ∑di2, where i = 1, 2, ... n?
  7. What percentage of the cells that make up an average tree are alive?
  8. Whose poem about trees includes the line “their yearly trick of looking new is written down in rings of grain”?

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